Board Members

Mr. M.P. Gupta
President, CNP 
IAAS, Former Additional Secretary. Ministry of Finance and Honorary Treasurer Indian Red Cross

Dr. Navina Jafa 
Vice President, CNP
Programme Coordinator, Cultural & Natural Heritage in Development and Traditional Knowledge 

Ms. ShailajaKathuria 
Director - Programmes, CNP
Programme Coordinator, Natural History & Cultural Heritage 

Mr. Priyatej Kotipalli 
Secretary, CNP
Project Coordinator, Cultural Economics

Ms. Alka Sharma 
Treasurer ,Financial Expert, CNP 

Mr. V.S. Jafa
Executive Team Advisor, CNP


Kate Bowen/McGillivray : Volunteer

Is a British Artist who brings her vast experience of using Art for addressing challenging Environmental problems, and documentation of realities of communities in possession with traditional knowledge in South Asia. Among her various works, she worked in Myanmar with a coastal village community and an NGO doing workshops alongside with Marine Biologists and Foresters engaged in reforesting a huge area in the Irrawaddy Delta. As part of the program, she worked using art to groom children of the coastal communities to evolve as Youth leaders, what the Centre for New Perspectives calls “Green foot soldiers”. It was vital for the program to have the children and their families on side. Kate also created an exhibition on the Mangroves in Myanmar which today is travelling as an advocacy to address the challenging climatic circumstances and importance of Natural Heritage Ecosystems around the Indian Ocean as part of South Asia. She assists in the documentation, social media, program management for the Centre.


  • Mr. AmardeepBehl – Designer
  • Ms. Krishna Sarma – Lawyer, Corporate Law Group  
  • Dr. Leena Srivastava – Environmentalist, TERI
  • Dr. Navina Jafa – Specialist on Cultural, Natural Heritage Education
  • Ms. Pooja Mani – Dancer and Yoga Expert
  • Mr. PriyatejKottapalli – Cultural Economist
  • Maj. Gen. R.K. Garg –  Health specialist and former Executive Director, Rockland Hospitals
  • Dr. RajatKathuria – Economist
  • Ms. ShailajaKathuria –  Historian and Researcher
  • Ms. Swati Singhania –  Industrialist (JK Organization), Biotechnologist