About CNP & Pilot Programs

Project Tama-Show

• Aims to conserve arts/ skills of Traditional Folk and Street Performance Communities by creating skills building programs whose objective is to test market connectivity. The initiatives of these programs enable cultural skill mapping and establishing microenterprises

•    A pilot program is in Delhi NCR
•    Work executed:
1.    Conferences with Experts from Cambodia supported by the Indian Council for
Cultural Relations, National Skill Development Corporations, SangeetNatakAkademi (National Academy of Performing Arts), Select City Walk- to explore establishing a Skill school to conserve and prevention of deskilling. The proposal to create a School and production unit in the format of a Social Enterprise has been given to the National Skill Development Corporation

2.    Cultural Skill mapping for 4 categories of these heritage skills that deliberated on the sustainability of over 5000 marginalized Folk-Street Performers who are an integral part of the urban poor, through institutionalization and Skill upgrading.

  • 3.    Productions which are about Skill upgrading, Market Connectivity, and sustainability: The Centre for New Perspectives invites volunteers and other organizations to promote these productions


-    Markets associated Event Industry – Name of the Program/production - DilliKa Bioscope: Production directed by Pandit Birju Maharaj with 40 Traditional folk and street performers in a new and innovative format. Aimed at; sustainability – Talks are on with Event Management Organization. The production has been presented in more five venues.

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-    Markets Associated : Schools - Name of the Program/production -Theatre of Physics : A genre of ' edu -entertainment for middle school students that aims to add value to Science education , in particular Physics, by using some of these traditional performing skills such as Magic, Music and acrobatic dance, along with physics students of St Stephens College, Delhi University. ; Exploration with Science Education Organization to take this production

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Associated Market – Schools, Corporate-  Name of the Program/production - Leadership Training Workshop -  The program is executed in partnership with a Leadership training Entity Purple Patch Foundation and with Street-Folk Performers
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-    Associated Market – Sustainable Development Sector – Name of the Program/Production - Saawan- a Heritage Walk to Save Trees and Water:The production is for Environmental Development Communication by organizing a Cadre of Green Foot soldier Performers here to support the cause of ‘‘SaveTreesSaveWater’.

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4.    Initiatives to Create Microenterprise with Clusters of Street- Folk Performers:
-    SadabaharAravalli (Project Tama-Show): A Skill Upgrading program for former Snake Charmer musicians and Ravanhatta musicians through a production under an expert music composer. The intention is to organize the group as an orchestra which will in the form of a microenterprise. Their inventive music will be marketed not only as live performances but also through virtual means.

-    JadukeBahuRoop(ProjectTamashow ): A Skill Upgrading program for traditional magicians and impersonators or bahurupias through a production under an expert theatre director. The intention is to organize the group as a small company in the form of a microenterprise. Their inventive productions will be marketed not only as live performances but also through virtual means for the purpose of entertainment and Development Communication