Details of Project 1 - Augmenting Skill India – Conserving Cultural Skills

  • Level 1 - 7th-8th April, 2017 – Conference Building Sustainable Livelihoods for Marginalized Folk, Circus and Street Performers –  Centre for New Perspectives with  – National Skill Development Corporation, Piaggio Vehicle Pvt. Ltd, India International Centre, SangeetNatakAkademi, Indian Council for Cultural Relation ----  Report , Photographs

  • Level -2 - 15th May, 2017  –  Pilot Program in Delhi called - Making Delhi A Creative City – Centre for New Perspectives With Select CITYWALK  - Report

Details of Project II - Green Foot Soldiers (GFS) – A Youth Leadership environmental program


  • The Green Foot soldier initiative has the potential of evolving as a grassroots, civil society environmental movement in India.

  • The GFS will be a forum for several individuals and organizations to come together to advocate issues related to the contested territory of environment and resources

  • Finally the program will most importantly bring in the youth of the country to work towards all kinds of issues which include traditional green skill knowledge, and conserving Natural heritage and natural resources . 


  • An inventive program on Environmental Youth Leadership program called the Green Foot Soldier (GFS) on which the Centre has been working for the last two years.

  • The copyright and trademark of the term, concept and the methodology of an inventiveguideline to create financial business model for making each project initiated under (GFS) self-sustainable lies with the Centre for New Perspectives.

  •   Financial viability  is an important component in the business plan under the Green Foot Soldier and hence any member of the program initiating a Green Foot Soldier project in their area will also get the guidelines to make the program  self-sustainable.

  • The program intended for schools from village upwards is one where the Green Fulbright Forum or individual members along with organizations can on board as associate members

  •  CNP will provide the framework of GFS members to initiate independent pilot programs in different regions.

  • This modality will enable each associate to be linked to a common methodology, mandate and in this manner there will be a greater visibility of the movement. 

  • Members while initiating a GFS project will need to give Credit to CNP

  • When an individual Green Foot soldier project initiated by an associate member (individual or organization) reaches a break even related financial viability the associate member will need to pay to the Centre for New Perspectives a nominal annual fee for using the copyright material and concept, and business model of the Green Foot Soldier program.