A Award Winning Film  

The Award winning film concerns the subject of Traditional knowledge skills of trees and herbal plants where the repository is a woman who is subverted in the discourse of witch-hunting. It is a 10 year old child who is able to bring her justice, and change the mindset of the local people.The Centre for New Perspective is exploring ways to initiate a program.
on Maternity Health (related to traditional birth attendants skilled in traditional medicine) in the Chars or river islands of Assam in collaboration with the Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research​ where during the Monsoon, the mortality rate there is huge increase of infant mortality rate. The idea is to upgrade the skills of the birth attendants, and holistically conserve the best of traditions such as using of local herbs for sanitary napkins, maternity food, and even songs and music that counters post natal depression. ​We hope we will be able to launch this program.

Date: Saturday 4th August.
Timing: 3.30 to 5:15
Venue : Auditorium of Alliance Francaise de Delhi , Lodi Estate

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