About CNP & Pilot Programs


Centre for New Perspectives (CNP) a non-profit non-government body was set up in 1992 by prominent public figures, civil servants, media persons, and corporate heads as a think tank for knowledge convergence and the Centre published a significant number literature on Traditional Cultural Skills, Defense, and Governance. Experts associated with the Centre include historians, sociologists, economists, and designers, specialists on Cultural mapping, economists and environmentalists. The experts are both practitioners and theoreticians.

Skill Corridor

The Skill Corridor denotes a central traditional skill and the ecosystem of traditional skills that surrounds and is connected with that particular skill in a specific region.

Green Foot Soldier

A program involving youngsters to take up the mantle of leadership and evolve as agents of environmentalchange. Principal methodologies relate to using various Cultural Skills for Development Communication and community outreach programs.


A program on re positioning marginalized street and folk performers by re connecting them with the market through up grading, innovative productions, formation of microenterprises and institutionalization.