Centre for New Perspectives (CNP) a non-profit non-government body was set up in 1992 by prominent public figures, civil servants, media persons, and corporate heads as a think tank for knowledge convergence. The present mandate of CNP is on Sustainable development in the sector of Traditional skills, Cultural policy, Cultural Economics, Innovative responsible tourism and Green skills.

CNP develops innovative projects in the field of Traditional Knowledge Skills that ensures: Out of the box ideas leading to re-positioning of Traditional Skills in the contemporary environment covering rural, and urban areas. The Centre positions the program taking into account of realities that have emerged that have resulted in marginalization of large number of traditionally skilled communities across India. CNP aims through pilot programs to develop practical methodologies that will create sustainable means of livelihoods for communities engaged in the traditional skill sector. The Centre in the course of in the implementation brings on board local regional partners, and other multiple stakeholders. CNP monitors projects at different levels to ensure systematic, efficient execution transparency in the utilization of funds. On identifying a specific Traditional knowledge skill and location, the Centre creates a brainstorming workshop inviting related stakeholders, and launches a pilot program which is projected to collect base line data, and ground reality of the skill. This sector which covers large number of subject areas, also is one where there is a paucity of data.